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Optimising EPiServer start up times during build with EPiOptimiser

People have already posted about how to optimise the start up times of EPiServer here and here. One of the common techniques is to exclude assemblies from being scanned at application start up by setting them as exclusions in the EPiServer framework config. 

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Tags: Episerver 4.0 Nov 21, 2011

NuGet package to convert an EPiServer site to 4.0

In my previous posted some default web.config files for running under 4.0.In the comments @frederikvig talked about the potential of a NuGet package to make the changes.

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Tags: Episerver 4.0 Nuget May 12, 2011

Default web.config files for EPiServer CMS 6 R2 running .net 4.0 (updated)

I am guessing that most new EPiServer installations are targeted against .net 4.0. Well the ones running at my company certainly are! Allan Thræn has already documented how to set up EPiServer CMS 6 to run on .net 4.0. This involves some web.config changes and an optional modification to the .csproj file.

However I don’t want to manually make these changes each time in order to run EPiServer under .net 4.0 as I frequently have to set up new demo sites. I’ve had default web.config’s for the Alloy Tech demo site and core install on my machine for a while so wanted to share them here in the hope it saves some other people time.

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Tags: Episerver 4.0 May 05, 2011