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Restricting the total number of items in an EPiServer media folder

Jul 27, 2015  

EPiServer gives our users a tremendous amount of power and flexibility. However users can occasionally do things that may affect performance or their experience of EPiServer. One of these things is adding a large number of images/documents into a folder in the media library. By adding too many items to a folder the folder not only becomes cumbersome to browse and use but can also affect performance in extreme circumstances. 

Automatically convert external links to the current site into internal links

Apr 01, 2010  

Recently I spoke to a client who had recently migrated to EPiServer from another CMS. They'd noticed that the number of internal broken links was going up rather than down after the migration. I thought that this was strange as EPiServer maintains all internal links by reference so if a page is moved in the page tree then it's link is automatically updated.