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Connecting Episerver Insight and Campaign (Episerver Ascend 2018 presentation)

One of the sessions presented at Episerver Ascend London and Stockholm this year was called connecting Episerver Insight and Campaign. This presentation discussed how Episerver Insight and Campaign could be used together to create some user experiences that understood a customer's on-site and off-site interactions. Specifically it showed how Episerver Insight and Episerver Campaign could be used to create an on-site experience that was affected by off-site behaviours measured by Episerver Campaign (in this case interaction with email but could also be push notification or SMS).


The demo scenario is as follows:

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Tags: Episerver Campaign Episerver Insight Episerver Profile store Episerver Ascend 2018 May 21, 2018

Configuring the Episerver Campaign connector through code

By default when installing the Episerver Campaign connector its possible to configure the connection through admin mode. However in some occasions (such as in development and test scenarios) it may be desirable to configure these credentials through code.

This posts describes how to configure the Episerver Campaign Connector through code using an Episerver initialisation module: 

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Tags: Episerver Campaign Episerver 11 Apr 23, 2018

Unique voucher/coupon codes in Episerver Commerce using Episerver Campaign

Using Episerver Commerce it’s possible to offer discounts to customers using the built in discount engine. Discounts can also have a coupon code associated meaning only customers who know that code can get the discount. However, it’s not possible to assign individual coupon codes for customers using Episerver Commerce alone. On the other hand Episerver Campaign can create, allocate and distribute unique coupon codes to customers.

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Tags: Episerver Commerce Episerver Campaign Oct 30, 2017