Blogs posted in October 2018

Unifying journeys with Episerver CMS, Episerver Campaign and Episerver Insight

Oct 23, 2018  

Episerver Campaign allows users to communicate at scale with outbound messaging on channels such as email, SMS and push notifications. One common requirement is to sign up for a newsletter which is managed and distributed by Episerver Campaign and to ensure that the profile of a user is the available when clicking a link in a email that opens on another device such as a smart phone or even another browser.

This post describes how its possible to load recipient information for user from Episerver Campaign using the Episerver Campaign Connector based on an inbound link to a site. The following steps describe what needs to happen:

Associating multiple Episerver Insight journeys on a single profile

Oct 17, 2018  

Episerver Insight allows Episerver to track user journeys by tracking user behaviours. One of the most common requirements when tracking user journeys is to associate them across device. For example when a user signs up for a newsletter on a desktop then subsequently opens the newsletter on a mobile then it should be considered to be the same user journey.

This post describes how to associate different user journeys in Episerver Insight as if it was one journey as long as the email of the user matches.

Virtual Template System - Find in files now available

Oct 08, 2018  

A new version of Virtual Template System is now available that adds the ability to search in file contents. This runs a case-insentive search on the file contents and also on the file name. This now means its possible to quickly search through all templates when looking at a live site to try and track down the template that was rendering a particular piece of content. In the example above I quickly track down the template that's used to render the contacts in Alloy: