Visual compare option available for Episerver 11

A new compare option is available for Episerver 11 which gives editors the ability to visually compare two pieces of content as shown in the example below:

In the example above the text changes are highlighted with appropriate red/green highlights. When a text change has been made it means its easy to spot that has been changed quickly.

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Tags: Episerver Edit Mode Episerver 11 Mar 12, 2018

Explaining and changing scopes in Episerver Insight

A scope in Episerver Insight defines a logical grouping of profiles. So given this scenario:

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Tags: Episerver 11 Episerver Insight Episerver Profile store Feb 16, 2018

Controlling who has access to the Episerver Insight UI

Just a quick note to self on how to control access to the Episerver Insight UI.

Episerver Insight Profiles UI access

Access to the profiles section is allowed if any of the following is true:

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Tags: Episerver 11 Episerver Insight Feb 05, 2018

Visitor group criterion for A/B testing available for Episerver 11

The Episerver visitor group criterion that allows editors to define visitor groups depending on whether an end user is participating in an A/B test is now available for Episerver 11.

The package adds a new visitor group called “Participating in A/B test” as shown below:

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Tags: A/B testing Episerver 11 Jan 25, 2018


Episerver Nuget Feed Explorer

Tool to explore the packages available on the Episerver Nuget Feed:


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