Customising best bet behaviour in Episerver Find

This post describes how it's possible to customise how best bets behave in Episerver Find. It uses an example of matching best bets for specific Episerver locales.

By default Episerver only allows editors to define best bets for site(s) and/or language(s) defined for your site. This works well in most cases, however in scenarios where a site is set up to serve different countries using localisation of the same language it may not work as expected.

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Tags: Episerver 10 Episerver Find Jul 16, 2017

Restricting access to Episerver Commerce Markets for specific users

Markets is a feature in Episerver Commerce that allows the catalog and items like pricing to be segmented. However when using Episerver Commerce it's not possible to lock catalogue editors down to particular markets meaning all editors can access/edit catalogue entries and prices for all markets. In scenarios where we may only wish user to see particular markets and edit prices for those markets this may be an issue.

This post describes a method that allows users to only edit product data and pricing for markets they have been given access to.

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Tags: EPiServer Commerce Apr 13, 2017

SMTP mail configuration for Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service

When purchasing Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service customers get access to a SendGrid account to send mail. This configuration is not automatically applied by the standard config transforms applied by Episerver so you need to configure them manually.

This post is a "note to self" to remember the SMTP settings for Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service in web.config:

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Tags: Episerver Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service SMTP Mar 14, 2017

MenuPin v10.1 - Supports Episerver Find

A new version of MenuPin has been released that supports Episerver Find. It works in the same way as MenuPin for other Episerver modules:

MenuPin for Episerver Find

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Tags: Episerver Edit Mode MenuPin Episerver 10 Mar 01, 2017


Episerver Nuget Feed Explorer

Tool to explore the packages available on the Episerver Nuget Feed:


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