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Insight form field mapper - now with support for first and last name property mapping

Sep 26, 2018

The Insight form field field mapper allows editors to map Episerver Form fields to Episerver Insight properties such as email and phone number when submitting forms.

However in some scenarios Episerver Insight properties may not map directly to properties that are captured on the form. This is due to the fact the form can also send submitted data to external marketing automation / CRM tools which do not share the same properties as Episerver Insight. One example is the property "Name" property in Insight. Many external marketing automation/CRM tools tend to have separate first and last name fields so its not possible to map by the Insight property "Name" by default.

So I have added support for first and last name mapping to the single Insight property “Name”.

Tags: Episerver Insight Episerver Profile store