Unpublish content changed when using Episerver Projects

Apr 02, 2020  

Episerver has a feature called Episerver Projects that allows editors to work and collaborate on a number of changes that are grouped together into projects. This is allows multiple changes to be made to a site that can be previewed and all published at once which is useful for things like campaign launches and site updates. This is a great feature but more than once in the Episerver Forums I have heard of the requirement to revert all changes made in a project.

Thinking about this, an approach could be to create another project to revert the changes made by a project. This allows editors to quickly get back to the state before the project was published. The code to achieve this can be found over at the following Gist: https://gist.github.com/davidknipe/d64f9d9993443fd5443c6a6a9f6dae13 and does the following things: