Blogs posted in September 2010

Securing EPiServer edit and admin mode by IP address

Sep 20, 2010  

Recently I read an EPiServer forum post about securing EPiServer edit and admin mode. If I understood the post correctly then there is a public facing EPiServer site, using the standard SQL providers. The requirement was to prevent access to edit and admin mode to all but a restricted set of IP addresses.

Enabling Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) in EPiServer

Sep 15, 2010  

Following on from Ben Morris' blog about Converting EPiServer 6 to use claims-based authentication with WIF I was intrigued to see if it was possible to create a role and membership provider that allowed us to use WIF in EPiServer with little or no modification apart from configuration changes.

Checklist for setting up Windows Authentication in EPiServer on a development machine

Sep 03, 2010  

If you want to skip the long descriptions and prefer a list then simply skip to the list at the bottom of the page.

I was setting up windows authentication for an EPiServer site on my development machine. The requirement was simple: have a windows authenticated site, with no anonymous access and therefore no log in. It was a fairly new build and I'd not used the windows membership and role providers before on this particular machine. There turned out to be quite a few steps in the end so I thought I'd write about them here. All steps are designed for Windows 7 / IIS7.x but can easily be replicated on previous versions of Windows.