Blogs posted in February 2017

MenuPin v10 for Episerver 10 released

Feb 14, 2017  

A new version of MenuPin has been released and is available on the Episerver Nuget feed. It contains the following changes:

What's new in v10.0:

  • Made package into a stand alone Dojo add-on - see upgrade recommendation below
  • Fixes an issue where MenuPin breaks views without the global menu
  • Version jump to v10 to keep parity with major Episerver versions
  • Minor code refactoring

Using TinyPNG to automatically compress images in Episerver

Feb 01, 2017  

Image copyright TinyPNG.comWe all know that large image size is a killer for site performance. So it's always recommended that images are optimised. Episerver already has the awesome ImageResizer plugin for Episerver which can be used to compress and resize images.

However, when working on some recent proof of concepts it was noticed that the ImageResizer plugin did not perform too well with transparent PNGs. One of best tools around for compressing PNG's is TinyPNG. On testing it particularly seems to excel with transparent PNG's. So this blog shares some code that shows how it's possible to optimise image size on upload using the API: