Blogs posted in July 2017

Hiding required properties on the create new page in Episerver

Jul 27, 2017  

By default Episerver will show all required properties on the create new screen. I guess that it's presumed that the content cannot be created without these properties existing which in many cases is true (e.g. setting a list root). However in many cases I've seen the [Required] attribute used where the content could be created/edited without the property existing but we need to stop the content being published without it (see my note on using IValidator's later in this post).

Customising best bet behaviour in Episerver Find

Jul 16, 2017  

This post describes how it's possible to customise how best bets behave in Episerver Find. It uses an example of matching best bets for specific Episerver locales.

By default Episerver only allows editors to define best bets for site(s) and/or language(s) defined for your site. This works well in most cases, however in scenarios where a site is set up to serve different countries using localisation of the same language it may not work as expected.