Blogs posted in July 2018

Virtual Template System - Diff/merge feature now available

Jul 30, 2018  

A new version of Virtual Template System is now available that adds the ability to diff and merge an edited template with the original version that is deployed on disk. Virtual Template System allows users to view and edit templates in the Episerver UI.

The diff/merge tool can be seen in action in the video below:

Virtual Template System for Episerver (re)launched

Jul 24, 2018  

Some time ago I built an add-on that allowed users to edit the Views/CSS/JS that are used to deliver an Episerver site called Virtual Template System. This has now been updated to be compatible with Episerver 11.

Why would we wish to let users edit templates in the UI?

Clients are in a rush, editors are continually getting smarter and are more demanding too. People hate waiting for the dev team or a deployment to happen particularly when the issue can be solved with a simple template change. In short people just don't want to wait and with the right power/skills users should be given the power to make changes themselves as long as they have a full understanding of the consequences.