Blogs posted in December 2016

Integrating Episerver with PingFederate Server using WS-Federation

Dec 20, 2016  

I recently spent some time with a customer who wanted to use PingFederate Server with Episerver. After some initial Googling I could see PingFederate Server is a single sign on (SSO) server which is part of the Ping Identity suite of products. The image from the Ping Identity site implied Episerver could act as a Web App so it looked promising:

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Most importantly for me it I noted it coud configured to support the WS-Federation protocol (WS-FED). This means it should be easy to set an Episerver site using the standard infrastructure we have to set up federated security in Episerver.

So this post is a knowledge share to ensure I have notes in case I need to do this it again in the future. 

Creating a time picker property for Episerver using a Dojo dijit

Dec 09, 2016  

Episerver by default doesn't have a built in time property. However I was speaking to a customer recently who wanted just that. I know that Episerver uses Dojo for the UI behind the scenes so started to investigate if there was anything we could use to help us.

I read Steve Celus's post on creating a colour picker using Dojo in the past:  So I used it as inspiration for this post.

It turns out that we can use the built in Dojo widget "dijit/form/TimeTextBox" to create a time picker in the Episerver UI. To create a property that allows users to input a time add the following ClientEditor attribute to your model: