Blogs posted in January 2024

Use Optimizely DAM from the TinyMCE editor in Optimizely CMS 12

Jan 17, 2024  

Optimizely CMS offers out the box integration with Optimizely DAM allowing users to easily select images from the DAM for use in Content Areas and Image properties.

However currently there is no way to select images for use inside TinyMCE. So I have put a button together to allow editors to select images from the Optimizely DAM inside the TinyMCE editor in Optimizely CMS 12. Once installed a new button appears that looks as follows: 

Once installed editors can pick images as shown in the video below:

Visual Compare for Optimizely CMS 12 now available

Jan 05, 2024  

Visual Compare is an add on for Optimizely CMS 11 and 12 that allows editors to get a red / green comparison view when comparing versions of content:

This has now been updated to work with CMS 12 (with thanks to Matthew Jimenez), the orginal post about this add-on can be seen seen here: Visual compare option available for Episerver 11. A screen shot of Visual Compare for Optimizely running in CMS 12 can been seen below: