Blogs posted in October 2016

MenuPin v4.0 for Episerver 10 released

Oct 24, 2016  

A new version of MenuPin is now available. This is is a compatibility release for Episerver 10 upwards. If you have not heard of MenuPin before then it allows users to pin the menu at the top of the Episerver UI (as shown in the image). 

What's new in v4.0:

  • Compatible with Episerver 10+

Installing the new Episerver A/B testing feature

Oct 18, 2016  


This feature is now a fully released product feature so the steps below are not required to install.

It can be installed by installing this package: Episerver Marketing Testing Tools


Recently the new Episerver A/B testing feature was released in beta. This is a quick post to explain how to install it.


Your site should be running at least Episerver.CMS.Core v9.10.1.

A note on versioning

The package is in beta so does not appear when you browse directly to by default, however you can see the package by browsing here: