As we all know EPiServer visitor groups are going to be an exciting new feature of EPiServer CMS 6 R2. There are plenty of blogs around on how to build custom visitor groups.

However I was doing work with CMS 6 R2 the other day and noticed a nice little feature that everyone (including myself) appears to have missed (well no-one has blogged about it yet anyway!). Its the “Match” option when setting up a visitor group (as highlighted below):

This little drop down allows editors to change how visitor groups that contain more than one criteria are evaluated. The default "All" is an AND operator means that all criteria must be matched. The "Any" option is an OR operator.

However the third option "Points" is the most interesting. It allows you to add a points weighting against each option. When the points threshold is exceeded then the group is matched. In the example below a user who has viewed any two or more of the pages listed is considered a match:

This is powerful as it allows editors to add an importance weighting to each criteria within a group and build up potentially complex rules for including visitors in a group. Also selecting the “Required” field means that the criteria must match in order to provide a match.

I really like this feature as it pushes a granular level of control to the editors and allows them to tailor their groups in a way that’s simple but powerful at the same time.

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