In my previous posted some default web.config files for running under 4.0.In the comments @frederikvig talked about the potential of a NuGet package to make the changes.

Well I have created a NuGet package to upgrade your EPiServer site to 4.0. What the package does:

  • Modifies the web.config as per Allan Thr├Žn's article EPiServer CMS 6.0 now supporting ASP.NET 4.0   
  • Adds a reference to special version of System.Component.Composition thats included in the EPiServer framework
  • Removes the reference to .net 4.0 version of System.Web.Routing (if it exists) in web.config 

How to use

  • Load up your project in Visual Studio 2010 (if you have not done this on the project before, let VS2010 convert your project)
  • Right click the EPiServer Project file > Properties > Application > .NET Framework 4
  • Install EPiServerCMS6ToNetFour

Once installed your project will target 4.0.

Release (updated)

I've sent this on to EPiServer for inclusion in the official EPiServer NuGet feed. When it makes it up there then I will post an update. Until then it can be downloaded here:

EPiServerCMS6ToNetFour.1.0.0.nupkg (115kb)


The package is now available on the official EPiServer NuGet feed: (opens in new window).


I'd be happy to hear any feedback on the comments below or @davidknipe


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