In my previous post I talked about the the "Differences when referencing the page type from a page template". This post describes the mapping between PageType attributes in PageTypeBuilder and typed pages in EPiServer 7 Preview.

The following table shows the mappings for PageTypeBuilder PageType attributes to typed pages in EPiServer 7:

PageTypeBuilder EPiServer 7
Attribute Property Attribute Property Comment
Namespace: PageTypeBuilder Namespace: EPiServer.DataAnnotations  
PageType - PageType -  
PageType Guid PageType GUID  
PageType AvailableInEditMode PageType AvailableInEditMode  
PageType Description PageType Description  
PageType Name PageType DisplayName  
PageType - PageType GroupName If supplied it is added to the display name in admin mode to becomes “[GroupName] DisplayName”
PageType SortOrder PageType Order  
PageType Filename PageType N/A  
PageType AvailablePageTypes AvailablePageTypes Include  
PageType ExcludedPageTypes AvailablePageTypes Exclude  
  - AvailablePageTypes IncludeOn This page is allowed under parents of this page type
  - AvailablePageTypes ExcludeOn This page will not be allowed under a parents of this page type

I personally like the new IncludeOn and ExcludeOn properties as they allow us to specify the page types we want our page type to included underneath (IncludeOn). Or we can stop our page type being created below certain page types (ExcludeOn). This allows us to be more precise with content structures and avoid having to copy/paste lists of page types we want included as children.

Default values

Experienced PageType builder users may have noticed that the following attributes are missing in the mapping table above:

  • DefaultArchiveToPageID
  • DefaultChildSortOrder
  • DefaultFrameID
  • DefaultPageName
  • DefaultSortIndex
  • DefaultStartPublishOffsetMinutes
  • DefaultStopPublishOffsetMinutes
  • DefaultVisibleInMenu

This is because typed pages in EPiServer 7 does not have direct equivalents. If you want to set default values when using typed pages in EPiServer 7 then you should override the "SetDefaultValues" method on EPiServer.Core.PageData as follows:

public override void SetDefaultValues(PageType pageType)
    //Set up your defaults here

Comparision Example

The following example shows how a PageTypeBuilder page is defined when compared to a EPiServer CMS 7 typed page:

PageTypeBuilder definition

      AvailableInEditMode = true
    , AvailablePageTypes = new[] { typeof(AnotherPageType) }
    , SortOrder = 1234
    , Filename = "~/Templates/Public/MyPageType.aspx"
    , Name = "[Public:Example] My page type"
    , Description = "The description"
    , DefaultArchiveToPageID = 2345
    , DefaultChildSortOrder = EPiServer.Filters.FilterSortOrder.CreatedDescending
    , DefaultFrameID = 0
    , DefaultPageName = "My page name"
    , DefaultSortIndex = 9999
    , DefaultStartPublishOffsetMinutes = 10
    , DefaultStopPublishOffsetMinutes = 20
    , DefaultVisibleInMenu = false
public class YourPageType : PageTypeBuilder.TypedPageData
    //Property definitions

EPiServer 7 definition

      AvailableInEditMode = true
    , Description = "The description"
    , DisplayName = "My page type"
    , GUID = "F5E708BE-B8D8-11E1-9F05-EE3A6188709B"
    , GroupName = "Public:Example"
    , Order = 1234)]
    Include = new[] { typeof(AnotherPageType) }
public class YourPageType : EPiServer.Core.PageData
    public override void SetDefaultValues(DataAbstraction.PageType pageType)

        this.ArchiveLink = new Core.PageReference(2345);
        this.Properties["PageChildOrderRule"].Value = EPiServer.Filters.FilterSortOrder.CreatedDescending;
        this.Properties["PageTargetFrame"].Value = 0;
        this.PageName = "My page name";
        this.Properties["PagePeerOrder"].Value = 9999;
        this.StartPublish = DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(10);
        this.StopPublish = DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(20);
        this.VisibleInMenu = false;

    //Property definitions

The structure is different though not that difficult to convert (perhaps another project there!).

In my next post I will compare property mapping in PageTypeBuilder with type pages in EPiServer 7

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