Dojo logo EPiServer's UI has always been open to modification, however EPiServer 7 onward introduced a paradigm shift in the UI as the editing interface is now a single page application built with Dojo. If you don't already know Dojo then there is a little learning to get your head around it. So I put together a list of EPiServer Dojo links that may prove useful if you want to work with Dojo in EPiServer.

Please let me know if you know in the comments below or on @davidknipe if I missed anything and/or you have a link you'd like to add.

Modifying the EPiServer User Interface
Quick Summary of Dojo Mixins in EPiServer
Adding menu item to page tree context menu
Add value with widgets
Dealing with large number of items in the content tree - part 2
Dealing with large number of items in the content tree - part 1
EPiServer: writing Dojo widget
Add a custom toolbar button in EPiServer 7
Create an EPiServer widget for edit mode EPiServer writing Dojo widget
Adding custom views to your content
Taking control of the EPiServer 7 user interface
Creating a more advanced property editor
Creating a component that searches for content
Creating a Dojo based component
Extending the User Interface of EPiServer 7 Simple dojo widget
Simple dojo widget


Custom properties/editing
Simple color picker property
Using EPiServer's content selector widget in dojo component
How to create a custom EPiServer 7 property with Dojo
Creating a Custom Property with a Dojo Widget
Custom EPiServer properties with Dojo
EPiImage & EPiImage Gallery dojo-based custom property for EPiServer 7.5 and above
Editing complex properties
Country-Region drop down lists in All properties mode
File selector dojo property for EPiServer 7
Google map selector dojo property for EPiServer 7
A custom property combined with attributes and a custom EditorDescriptor
Creating a custom editor in EPiServer 7
Hooking to a page dojo widget inside EPiServer TinyMCE link
Minimal EPiServer dojo view for property
EPiServer custom property in DOJO
Multiple page picker property in DOJO


Spotted in the forums
Angular blocks break when reordering in content area
Change DateTime-format in forms-edit mode?
Can you overload a javascript file in dojo/the edit mode?
Dojo widget/Dijit best approach to set and get the value
Can't resolve dependency "epi.globalcommandregistry" when setting up a custom command


Other useful EPiServer dojo resources
EPiServer Dojo Widget not Firing the onChange() Event
Dojo Toolkit - the official Dojo home
EPiServer Javascript class library - the official documentation for the EPiServer javascript class library
Uncompressed JavaScript for EPiServer 7.6+ - great if you want to debug your customisations
Uncompressed JavaScript files for debugging EPiServer 7 - great if you want to debug your customisations
EPiServer Dojo Crash Course (Swedish) - a 45m video (in Swedish)
Strategies for Custom Properties in 7.5+ - not actually a Dojo resource but a useful resource to think about how you define properties



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