Blocks view crossed outI was on-site with a client the other day discussing an upgrade project. The site is a CMS 6 R2 site and the question came up: "Can I remove blocks view for editors as even after the upgrade we may not want to use blocks?".

I am not going to go into the reasons why this was requested or if it is a good idea (there are actually some good reasons for the request). I'm simply writing this post to show how it can be done.

To remove the blocks view for editors of a site add the following to your web.config and the blocks view will be removed for all users:


After applying the config update the editor view changes to this:

Edit view after removing blocks

Blocks not being removed?

It was pointed out in the comments that blocks may not be removed for some users. This can be resolved by resetting the current view for the user: My Settings > Display Options > Reset Views:

Reset views



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