DebugThis is a quick post about some useful debugging tools available when working on custom development within an EPiServer site. Per Bjurstrom has already blogged about EPiServer 7: Startup Performance. This revealed the URL "/<episerverUI>/Shell/Debug/ShowTimeMeters" which helps you look up how long your initialisation modules take to load.

However EPiServer has some other useful tools that may help you with your debugging: 


Lists out all registered registered initialisation modules.


Lists out the menu items used to construct the top level menu.


Lists out all routes in your RouteTable.


Lists out all configured ShellModules.


Lists out the file versions used in your application (useful if you need to know exactly what assembly versions you have in your solutions).


Lists out the initialisation modules and the time it takes to initialise each one (as originally blogged about by Per Bjurstrom in EPiServer 7: Startup Performance).


Lists all implementations in the underlying StructureMap container.


List out all registered view engines in your site.

To access the items above ensure the following are true:

1. You are in the Administrators group

2. You have the following in your appSettings: 


Hope something above helps your development in the future!


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