Cookie visitor group criteriaTwo new visitor groups called "Cookie exists" and "Cookie Value Equals" have been released. These visitor groups allow your site editors to personalise content based on whether a cookie exists or on the value contained within a cookie.

Examples where this criteria may be useful

An example where these criteria may be useful is to where a cookie is set by a specific implementation detail such as cookie acceptance banners. In the example below, before reading the "Become a reseller" page the user must accept the use of cookies:

Accept cookies example

It can also be used to check for the existence of a cookie before it gets dropped by javascript, for example by checking for a "_ga" cookie its possible to identify that this user hasn't been tracked in Google Analytics before.

How to install

This visitor group requires EPiServer 8+ and is available on the EPiServer Nuget feed.

Source code for the Cookie visitor groups is available on GitHub.

Further reading

A a new "Cookie Drop Block" is also available that can be used in conjunction with this criteria to create some even more powerful personalisation scenarios.


As usual and comments or feedback please let me know on @davidknipe or in the comments below.


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