Nuget LogoFor a while I've wanted to explore the Episerver Nuget Feed in a little more detail than was available on the standard page. For example I would like to filter by community submitted versus Episerver packages and also know when packages have been updated and/or submitted, in particular recently updated or added packages. So I decided to put a an Episerver Nuget Feed Explorer tool together that allows users to look at the data available on the Episerver Nuget feed, filter it and facet it:

Episerver Nuget Package Explorer

How this is all done:

  • An Episerver scheduled job to parse out the Episerver Nuget Feed (runs every hour)
  • Episerver Find to index the feed and provider the filter/facet functionality
  • Google Charts for the tables and timeline visualisation
  • My own blog (built on Episerver 9) to render the results

Feel free to explore as you like. Some of the insights I like most are the fact are number of packages contributed by the community and also how it can be seen how the release schedule has been accelerated for the core Episerver packages. It should be noted that alpha, beta and prerelease packages are excluded from the index.

Also, once you've have run a search you can bookmark the results and come back to them at a later date if you wish.

The tool also includes a timeline explorer to see the history of each package. The example below shows the Episerver.CMS.Core assembly:

Episerver Nuget Package Explorer

I'll let you explore the tool and hope you find it useful and/or insightful: 

Episerver Nuget Package explorer


As usual and comments or feedback please let me know on @davidknipe or in the comments below. I'm particularly interested to hear what other types of data you'd like to see available from the Episerver Nuget Feed?


For anyone that's interested Episerver is now the correct capitalisation of Episerver!


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