The current release of Episerver Content Approvals does not yet integrate with the tasks pane in Episerver:

This means it's not currently possible for content approvers to find the content they need to approve. However the task pane is extensible as recently described by Episerver legend Linus Ekström. So using this knowledge and some use of the Content approvals API we can build out some tasks for people who are using content approvals.


I want a task to show content approvers what outstanding content approvals they have. Users should get a list of content items that require their approval making it simple and easy for approvers to find the content that requires their attention:

This can be achieved using a single class and is shown below:

Some points to note

The content approvals API is easy to use but it should be noted it's currently in beta so is in active development and is subject to change. Future versions will integrate with the notifications feature in Episerver:

If you are using Alloy Demo kit then good news, it's already upgraded to Episerver 10.1 (that includes content approvals) and also includes the task described above.


This is just a quick post to show how the content approvals API can be used to expose content approval flows that require attention. It's in active development so expect to see more updates to the features coming soon.


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