A new version of MenuPin has been released that supports Episerver Find. It works in the same way as MenuPin for other Episerver modules:

MenuPin for Episerver Find

Implementation note

As Find is effectively delivered as a single page application the only hook to modify it is via the bootstrapper that delivers it to the UI that gets installed when you install Find. A global filter is added that only executes for the index method of the Find controller. It then rewrites the HTML output to modify the Dojo config in order to inject MenuPin into the UI. A special version of MenuPin was created to work with Find.

I've tested this on many different configs of Episerver including the oldest and newest versions of Episerver both with and without Find installed so this should not have any effect on your solution. However I am interested to hear if you do encounter any issues as a global filter will be added to your solution. Let me know in the comments below or raise an issue on Github if you experience any problems.


This now means MenuPin has full coverage of Episerver products that contain the spring up menu. Happy pinning!


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