A new version of Virtual Template System is now available that adds the ability to diff and merge an edited template with the original version that is deployed on disk. Virtual Template System allows users to view and edit templates in the Episerver UI.

The diff/merge tool can be seen in action in the video below:

The diff itself is uses Ace-diff: https://ace-diff.github.io/ace-diff/ so can have custom css applied if necessary.

Getting it

This is an open source project and the full source code for Virtual Template System is available at Github. The tool can also be found as Virtual Template System on the Episerver Nuget feed

Change log

Changes that were added in the Episerver 11 compatible version: 

  • Added the ability to compare and merge the edited template with the one on disk
  • Minor code tidy up/refactoring


I'm always happy to hear feedback/suggestions/ideas @davidknipe or in the comments below. 


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