A new version of Virtual Template System is now available that adds the ability to see a version history of the template from the UI. It also changes some of the UI to add icons. 

The version history can now be accessed by clicking on the changed by button as shown below:

Once in the comparison view users can select which version they wish to compare as shown the below:

One final change makes the buttons now use icons where possible and also include tool tips:

Getting it

This is an open source project and the full source code for Virtual Template System is available at Github. The tool can also be found as Virtual Template System on the Episerver Nuget feed

Change log

  • Version history showing last 5 versions now visible in the UI
  • Icons and colour now used in the UI
  • Fixed a bug where an exception would be thrown if the application tried to access a file in Application_Start()
  • Changed URL segment to VTS
  • Add sub-resource integrity hash for the ace-diff library


I'm always happy to hear feedback/suggestions/ideas @davidknipe or in the comments below.


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