Episerver Profile Store is used for storing website visitor profile and behavior data collected by the tracking functionality in Episerver. It has a RESTful API that can be accessed using tools such as RestSharp for functions such as querying profiles.

When building some proof of concepts I have recently found myself copy/pasting some code used to query and update profiles in the Episerver Profile Store that used RestSharp. So I decided to create a simple client library for the Episerver profile store, specifically for working with profiles that can be extend out in time depending on needs.

This client library is intended to be used as a helper library to help developers work with the Episerver profile store. It is currently very simple and open source so send me a PR for your specific project usage if you would like to add something. The Github project along with code sample can be found here: https://github.com/davidknipe/ProfileStore.Client. It can be found on the Episerver Nuget feed: https://nuget.episerver.com/package/?id=ProfileStore.Client


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