A new version of Virtual Template System is now available with some UI enhancements. Virtual Template System allows users to view and edit templates in the Episerver UI.

Specifically the enhancements are as follows:

  • The revert button is now either green or red. Green indicating that the template is the same as the one on disk, red meaning the template is different so should be reverted with caution
  • When saving a template using the "Save" button the confirmation message now disappears as soon as an editor changes it
  • The path is now clickable to either edit or view a template depending on whether its virtualised or not
  • Now possible to choose to search in file names only, rather than whole file contents
  • Minor bug fixes 

A quick video can be seen here to show the changes:

Getting it

This is an open source project and the full source code for Virtual Template System is available at Github. The tool can also be found as Virtual Template System on the Episerver Nuget feed.


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