TLDR; Update CookieDropBlock if you want to keep using it.

Over five years ago I released a simple tool called CookieDropBlock who's sole purpose was to allow editors to create a block to drop a cookie for an end user. You can read more about it here: This has worked largely untouched for all this time.

However there is a bug that will affect anyone who is using it today.

Bug details

When I wrote it 5(!) years ago I thought, if I specify a date 5 years in advance then that's far enough in the future that surely web technology would have moved on by then and we will not be using cookies any more... However that date was 31st December 2020 and it was absolute. So if clients are using CookieDropBlock today then cookie(s) would not be set for end users.

How to fix

Update to v11.0.6 to ensure the expiry date is rolling (10 years from the current date). Get the latest package here:


Always use relative expiry dates and never absolute :). 

Also I appreciate I am publishing this on April 1st and confirm it is not a prank!


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