In preparation for the GTM release of Optimizely Content and Commerce Cloud running on .NET 5 and as part of my commitment to the community I started upgrading some of the more popular community packages I own (based on downloads), namely "Cookie Visitor Group" and "Cookie Drop Block".

This was a learning exercise to familiarise myself with .NET 5 development in Optimizely. Given Microsoft and Optimizely collaborated on parts of the .NET Upgrade Assistant (Preview) it was also an opportunity to try it out. The outcome is  2 x new packages which are .NET 5 compatible.

The beta packages are available to download here for the purposes of testing:

Download Cookie Visitor Groups v12.0.0.0-beta

Download CookieDropBlock v12.0.0.0-beta

The code is also available on these branches in Github:

I deliberately left the log.txt files in to show what the upgrade tool does. It wasn't a straight upgrade and go process but didn't find anything too ardious and also found the intellesense hints useful as shown below:


Please do leave feedback in the comments below and/or create issues on each respective repo. Given I learned along the way I am keen to hear feedback on anything that can be improved.


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