This post describes how to set up the Optimizely Foundation Single Page Application reference site. Further information about what Optimizely Foundation Single Page Application reference is can be seen at the bottom of the page. If readers want to dive straight in then hit play below:


What is Optimizely Foundation SPA?

Foundation SPA is a reference example that shows has its possible to use a headless pattern to implement a CMS where the headless CMS is Optimizely Content Cloud and the front end is a SPA built in React. The reference application is opinionated and provides a fully functional site with a front end built with React and Typescript.

The key attributes of Optimizely Foundation SPA are:

  • Front end can be worked on separately as a React based app
  • Maintains on page editing capability for content editors
  • CMS model synchronisation is built in
  • Can be run as part of Optimizely DXP []
  • Open source on Github

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