An extension available for Optimizely Web Experimentation for Optimizely Content Recommendations is now available. This extension allows users to place automatic content recommendations anywhere on a site where Optimizely Web Experimentation is being used. This means experimentation can be applied to test the most effective placement, look/feel and what content recommendations to show. This can also be used as part of a personalisation campaign to allow targeting of 1:1 recommended content for example based on for example lead funnel stage.

Optimizely Web Experimentation is the the world's most powerful front-end A/B and multi-page experimentation product built for the enterprise. Optimizely Web Content Recommendations are AI-powered recommendations which act upon the unique interests of each visitor in real-time to help deliver 1:1 content personalisation with minimal manual effort.

The extension can be seen in action below in the Optimizely Web Experimentation UI:

It should be noted that there are two versions of the extension available:

How to get it

The extensions are available on the Optimizely Extensions Library over on Github:


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