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Using the IIS rewrite module to test EPiServer geo-IP look up personalisation

Jun 29, 2011  

If your site uses geo-IP look ups to personalise the site extensively then you might find it tedious having to browse every page in edit mode then select the country/location visitor group you want to test with. I wanted to find a way to make it look like I was browsing from an IP address other than my development machine with a mimum of fuss.

Enter the IIS rewrite module. It is a useful and versatile add on for IIS7.x. Through configuration rules it allows you to modify incoming requests and outgoing responses for your site. One feature that is particularly powerful is the ability to modify incoming header values. 

Using IIS7's URL Rewrite feature to enable good SEO practice in EPiServer

Apr 12, 2011  

URL structures are an important part of SEO. Its very important that our sites do not appear to serve duplicate content. However there is one feature of EPiServer that can do exactly that, namely when using language branches in the URL and viewing content in the master langauge.

Really SEO friendly URLs

Aug 26, 2010  

The problem

EPiServer has great functionality for managing SEO friendly URLs where the user can effectively manage their own URL structure such as:

In most cases this works really well. However I was recently working with SEO consultant David Deutsch on a project where search engine rankings are paramount to the success of the business. His requirement was to have reallyfriendly URLs for SEO purposes.