I recently posted about Granular Page Type security in EPiServer using PageTypeSecurityAddOn which I created as part of SecurityPack for EPiServer on CodePlex. After discussions with some collegues I have added some additional features.

Whats Changed?

  • Now you can set Change and Publish rights on a page type: Change and publish on page type
  • Obviously if a user/group does not have Publish rights to a page type then they cannot publish pages of that type 
  • A scheduled job called "SecurityPack : Page type security set up" has been added. This is for initial set up and adds Change and Publish rights to pages types that only have Create access (i.e. the default scenario when first installing PageTypeSecurityAddOn): PageTypeSecurity Scheduled Job
  • Fixes some minor bugs and adds some performance improvements


v1.1 has been uploaded to the EPiServer Nuget feed and is currently awaiting approval. If you really want this in the meantime then head over to CodePlex to grab the code.


Is this kind of set up too granular or do your editors/admins ask for even more control? I'd be happy to hear any feedback on the comments below or @davidknipe


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