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Optimizely Nuget Feed Explorer Updated

Dec 06, 2021  

The Optimizely Nuget Feed Explorer allows users to explore packages on the Optimizely Nuget Feed and filter out packages that are Optimizely or Community contributed along with other options such as filtering on updated date. However with the release of Optimizely CMS 12 / Commerce 14 it's not simple to find packages that are compatible due the dependency on NET 5. 

Good news!

This now has the capability to filter on packages that are NET 5 / CMS 12 compatible:

.NET 5 preview add-on packages for Optimizely Content and Commerce cloud

Jul 16, 2021  

In preparation for the GTM release of Optimizely Content and Commerce Cloud running on .NET 5 and as part of my commitment to the community I started upgrading some of the more popular community packages I own (based on downloads), namely "Cookie Visitor Group" and "Cookie Drop Block".

This was a learning exercise to familiarise myself with .NET 5 development in Optimizely. Given Microsoft and Optimizely collaborated on parts of the .NET Upgrade Assistant (Preview) it was also an opportunity to try it out. The outcome is  2 x new packages which are .NET 5 compatible.

The beta packages are available to download here for the purposes of testing: