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Creating a time picker property for Episerver using a Dojo dijit

Dec 09, 2016  

Episerver by default doesn't have a built in time property. However I was speaking to a customer recently who wanted just that. I know that Episerver uses Dojo for the UI behind the scenes so started to investigate if there was anything we could use to help us.

I read Steve Celus's post on creating a colour picker using Dojo in the past:  So I used it as inspiration for this post.

It turns out that we can use the built in Dojo widget "dijit/form/TimeTextBox" to create a time picker in the Episerver UI. To create a property that allows users to input a time add the following ClientEditor attribute to your model:

Update to the “Useful EPiServer Dojo links” post

Jun 03, 2015  

Dojo logo I have previously blogged about Useful EPiServer Dojo links that contains a useful list of Dojo examples in for EPiServer.

Recently I have noticed a lot of new posts talking about Dojo in EPiServer and how it can be used to make modifications to the EPiServer UI or create custom properties. So this is a post to let people know that I updated my original post with many more links to useful posts and examples including a new "Spotted in the forums" section.

Useful EPiServer Dojo links (updated 04/06/2015)

Aug 14, 2014  

Dojo logo EPiServer's UI has always been open to modification, however EPiServer 7 onward introduced a paradigm shift in the UI as the editing interface is now a single page application built with Dojo. If you don't already know Dojo then there is a little learning to get your head around it. So I put together a list of EPiServer Dojo links that may prove useful if you want to work with Dojo in EPiServer.