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Hiding new edit mode for selected users in EPiServer 7

Mar 15, 2013  

EPiServer 7 adds many great new features but the new edit mode is really different from "old" edit mode. Personally I think EPiServer 7 edit mode is easier for editors new to EPiServer but some seasoned editors may still be very comfortable with "old" edit mode (at least for a short while). 

I was discussing this with a client and they thought that we could upgrade an EPiServer 6 R2 site to EPiServer 7 quicker than they could arrange training for all of their editors for EPiServer 7 (the client has editors in several offices across the world).

So I set out working out how to hide the new edit mode for selected editors (at least for a short period anyway).

Bringing back the Composer personalisation container in EPiServer 7

Jan 30, 2013  

When using EPiServer Composer in EPiServer CMS 6 R2 one of my favourite features was the personalisation container:

Personalisation Container

For those who haven't used it, it allowed editors to quickly add personalisation to a page by dragging a personalisation container onto a page, selecting some visitor groups then drag/dropping some content functions which will be displayed based on the visitor groups selected.

We now have EPiServer 7 with blocks where blocks can be used in place of Composer. If shared blocks are to be personalised then they must be personalised at a block level using access rights (Edit block > Forms editing > Visible to: "Manage").  This leaves a major headache: Blocks will be personalised for every page they are used on. This isn't the case when using the Personalisation Container and may not be appropriate for all blocks in EPiServer 7.

So I decided to try and try and bring Composer Personalisation container like functionality to EPiServer 7. This would allow editors to use a container block to show/hide blocks based on visitor group.

EPiServer 7 - IValidator interface

Jun 26, 2012  

In previous versions of EPiServer custom validation was normally achieved in one of two ways. You could either create a custom property or hook into a DataFactory event.

Both approaches had their disadvantages and advantages. However in EPiServer 7 a new way of validation has been introduced, namely the EPiServer.Validation.IValidate<T> interface (thanks to Johan Bjornfot for the tip!).

EPiServer 7 Preview - Using validation attributes

Jun 20, 2012  

After my previous post about comparing Comparing PageTypeBuilder and EPiServer 7 Preview typed pages I found out that EPiServer 7 Preview now also supports standard .net validation attributes too.

I am sure you have had requirements that users can only enter numbers that are between 1 and 10, strings that are only 10 characters long or postcodes. In previous versions these all required custom properties but now these are all covered by using the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.RegularExpression, System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Range and System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.StringLength attributes.

I wanted to put a few examples together to demonstrate the usage of the attributes and their effect in the UI.

Comparing PageTypeBuilder and EPiServer 7 Preview typed pages (part 3 of 3)

Jun 19, 2012  

In my previous post I talked about "mapping between PageType attributes in PageTypeBuilder and typed pages in EPiServer 7". In this post I want to complete the series and talk about the mapping of property definitions in typed pages.

Comparing PageTypeBuilder and EPiServer 7 Preview typed pages (part 2 of 3)

Jun 19, 2012  

In my previous post I talked about the the "Differences when referencing the page type from a page template". This post describes the mapping between PageType attributes in PageTypeBuilder and typed pages in EPiServer 7 Preview.

Comparing PageTypeBuilder and EPiServer 7 Preview typed pages (part 1 of 3)

Jun 19, 2012  

EPiServer has introduced a whole load of cool new features to the forthcoming EPiServer 7 Preview. One of them is native support for strongly typed page types. Strongly typed page types has been available in the popular PageTypeBuilder project in previous versions of EPiServer for a while but now its built right into the core framework.

This is exciting stuff and something I am sure we are all eager to use. In many scenarios I am I think there is a good chance that projects which are due to be upgraded to EPiServer 7 already use PageTypeBuilder. So I wanted to put a post together that compares PageTypeBuilder with EPiServer 7 typed pages, including how to map from one to the other.