Posts tagged as "Debugging"

Claims helper block for EPiServer

Feb 18, 2015  

This post describes a simple claims helper block I put together. This block can come in useful if you are using federated authentication and would like to inspect all claims for the current user. 

I created this whilst developing the solution for implementing federated security in EPiServer using Auth0.

EPiServer debugging tools

Feb 06, 2015  

DebugThis is a quick post about some useful debugging tools available when working on custom development within an EPiServer site. Per Bjurstrom has already blogged about EPiServer 7: Startup Performance. This revealed the URL "/<episerverUI>/Shell/Debug/ShowTimeMeters" which helps you look up how long your initialisation modules take to load.

Preventing EPiServer serving cached mark up in development environments

Mar 10, 2011  

I wanted to write this post to describe how to fix a problem that I don't think I'm alone in experiencing. When working in a development environment EPiServer can appear to serve cached mark up even though the file has been changed or even the solution has been rebuilt. Only an iisreset appears to force a refresh.