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Video: Adding Optimizely Data Platform to Optimizely Commerce Cloud

Jun 09, 2021  

This post is a video walk through to show the steps required to add Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) to Optimizely Commerce Cloud. 

See the videos below:

Adding Optimizely Data Platform to Optimizely Commerce Cloud

May 27, 2021  

This post describes how to add Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) to Optimizely Commerce Cloud. While written with Optimizely Commerce Cloud in mind, it can be used as a basis for tracking on any commerce solution, not specifically an Optimizely Commerce Cloud solution. The Optimizely Data Platform allows clients to collect and aggregate customer data in real time, segment and analyse it and take action on it using automated AI insights. The Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) was previously known as Zaius. Learn more about the Optimizely Data Platform here.

The following steps are required to add Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) to a site:

Episerver Perform Feed Status admin add-in updated

Sep 23, 2018  

The Episerver Perform feed status admin add-in has been updated to be compatible with v2.x of the EPiServer.Personalization.Commerce package that it depends on. The Episerver Perform Feed Status admin add-in allows admin users to see outstanding feed requests and also download the feed file before its picked up by Episerver Perform:

Check the Episerver Perform catalog export feed

Jun 04, 2018  

Episerver Perform provides product recommendations on your site. In order to do this it is necessary to send a product catalog feed so the recommendations engine knows which products to recommend. Fortunately there is a pre-built job for this called "Export Product Feed" which comes as part of the EPiServer.Personalization.Commerce package. It creates the catalogue feed file and sends a request to Episerver Perform to come and pick it up as described here This can also be seen on the image on the below (from the Episerver documentation):

Unique voucher/coupon codes in Episerver Commerce using Episerver Campaign

Oct 30, 2017  

Using Episerver Commerce it’s possible to offer discounts to customers using the built in discount engine. Discounts can also have a coupon code associated meaning only customers who know that code can get the discount. However, it’s not possible to assign individual coupon codes for customers using Episerver Commerce alone. On the other hand Episerver Campaign can create, allocate and distribute unique coupon codes to customers.

Restricting access to Episerver Commerce Markets for specific users

Apr 13, 2017  

Markets is a feature in Episerver Commerce that allows the catalog and items like pricing to be segmented. However when using Episerver Commerce it's not possible to lock catalogue editors down to particular markets meaning all editors can access/edit catalogue entries and prices for all markets. In scenarios where we may only wish user to see particular markets and edit prices for those markets this may be an issue.

This post describes a method that allows users to only edit product data and pricing for markets they have been given access to.

Creating a custom promotion with the new EPiServer Commerce 9 promotion engine (BETA) - Part 2

Jul 01, 2015  

Add discountIn my previous post I desribed how to programmatically create a custom promotion in EPiServer Commerce 9 beta. The post was developer focussed and showed how we can create custom promotions/discounts in EPiServer 9 than previously possible. In this post I will contrate on the experience of our editors and merchandisers as we want them to see something nice in the UI when working in their campaigns than a forms view right?

Creating a custom promotion with the new EPiServer Commerce 9 promotion engine (BETA) - Part 1

Jul 01, 2015  

Add discountThe latest version of EPiServer Commerce (v8.13.4 at the time of writing) has an all new promotion engine that is currently in beta. The best part about the new engine is that the EPiServer Commerce 9 promotion engine is designed to be more developer friendly and extensible than the previous one.

This post is a quick example of how we can build a custom promotion with the new EPiServer Commerce promotion engine. 

PriceEvents v1.1 for EPiServer Commerce released

Feb 27, 2015  


As of EPiServer Commerce 8.15 Price events are now available in the core product. More information:

A new version of PriceEvents has been released with some minor ammendments.

What's new in v1.1

  • The PriceChanged event is now broadcast after the data has been saved to keep the semantics on the event name correct
  • A new PriceDeleting event is available to notify of any price deletions

Enabling events for price changes in EPiServer Commerce

Feb 23, 2015  


As of EPiServer Commerce 8.15 Price events are now available in the core product. More information:

EPiServer Commerce PricingWhen developing a EPiServer Commerce solution it may be necessary to listen for events that let us know pricing has changed. By default EPiServer Commerce does not broadcast an event when prices change so I wanted to put a solution together that allowed developers to subscribe to events in a similar way that we can for content events in EPiServer.

So what use does this have? I can think of a number of uses where listening to events on pricing may be useful:

  • Logging - Prices are sensitive and you can use price save events to log who changed the prices
  • Indexing - If you are using a tool such as EPiServer Find you may be indexing price information with your product data. The price events allow you to re-index individual items as soon as the price as changed
  • Integration - You may wish to kick off a process or send a message to an external system as soon a price changes

Quick introduction to Metaclass and MetaField mapping in EPiServer Commerce 7.5

Feb 17, 2014  

One of the most exciting features in EPiServer Commerce 7.5 (for me) is MetaClass and MetaField mapping from code to the Catalog system in EPiServer Commerce. In short this allows you to create/edit/access MetaClass and MetaFields in EPiServer Commerce 7.5 through code in the same way you can for any other content type in EPiServer.