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Some best practices for posting to the Episerver Nuget feed

Mar 09, 2016  

Episerver NugetEpiserver posts all updates for it's products to the Episerver Nuget feed. This feed is an invaluable resource if you are an Episerver developer and is the same feed where community submitted packages can be found too. Heck I even created a Episerver Nuget Feed Explorer to explore what's on the feed. Episerver encourages community contributions and appreciates all the effort that goes into the packages. However it's worth nothing that when uploading a package it is moderated before being released onto the feed to ensure the quality of the package. So there are things to bear in mind when creating a package I have summarised below.

Creating an Episerver Nuget Feed Explorer

Nov 16, 2015  

Nuget LogoFor a while I've wanted to explore the Episerver Nuget Feed in a little more detail than was available on the standard page. For example I would like to filter by community submitted versus Episerver packages and also know when packages have been updated and/or submitted, in particular recently updated or added packages. So I decided to put a an Episerver Nuget Feed Explorer tool together that allows users to look at the data available on the Episerver Nuget feed, filter it and facet it:

NuGet package to convert an EPiServer site to 4.0

May 12, 2011  

In my previous posted some default web.config files for running under 4.0.In the comments @frederikvig talked about the potential of a NuGet package to make the changes.