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Enabling the new projects feature in EPiServer

Oct 16, 2015  


As of EPiServer Update 87 which released EPiServer.CMS.Core 9.3 and EPiServer.CMS.UI 9.3 the projects feature is now out of beta there is no need to add users to the EPiBetaUsers group

This a quick "note to self" on how to enable the new projects feature in the later versions EPiServer (8+ and 9 at the time of writing) as I constantly forget how to do it.   

Once enabled editors get access to the projects feature that includes the project bar at the bottom of the UI as shown below:

Cookie Drop Block for EPiServer

Sep 23, 2015  

Previously I blogged about Cookie visitor group criteria for EPiServer. This visitor group criteria allows editors to check the values of cookies or simply that they exist. Today the "Cookie Drop Block" for EPiServer is released. It allows editors to create a block, that when rendered drops a cookie for the user.

Cookie visitor group criteria for EPiServer

Sep 23, 2015  

Cookie visitor group criteriaTwo new visitor groups called "Cookie exists" and "Cookie Value Equals" have been released. These visitor groups allow your site editors to personalise content based on whether a cookie exists or on the value contained within a cookie.

MenuPin v2.2 for EPiServer released

Jul 31, 2015  

A new version of MenuPin for EPiServer 8 is now available on the EPiServer Nuget feed.

What's new in v2.2

In previous versions pinning or unpinning the menu meant the entire page was refreshed. Version 2.2 means the menu can be pinned without the need to refresh the entire page: 

MenuPin v2.1 for EPiServer 8 released

Jul 06, 2015  

A new version of MenuPin for EPiServer 8 is now available on the EPiServer Nuget feed.

What's new in v2.1

Without using MenuPin clicking the globe by default takes you to view the selected page in the tree:

MenuPin Globe Icon

However when using MenuPin v2.0 clicking the globe icon took you to the site homepage. MenuPin v2.1 makes the globe icon at the top work in the same way as the globe on the pull down menu and takes you to view the selected page. 

Working with the EPiServer Projects API

Jun 02, 2015  

EPiServer Projects APIEPiServer Projects is one of the key new features in the EPiServer Spring 2015 release. It gives editors the ability to add content items to a project then preview any changes as if they were published. Projects not only allow editors to preview content before its published but can also serve as a useful navigation device to group a set of changes together for editors to work on.

For example editors may need to work on projects such as when a set of articles need to be reviewed or a monthly commerce catalog update. So as developers we may want to programmatically create projects to help editors rather than letting editors manually create them.

This post explores how to use the EPiServer Projects API.

Visitor group usage viewer for EPiServer 8

May 26, 2015  

View as visitor groupEPiServer visitor groups are a great feature and allow editors to personalise content for end users. EPiServer also has the capability for editors to preview content for certain visitor groups when viewing a page. This is a powerful capability as editors can see how the content will look when its been personalised for end users. However when a lot of visitor groups are enabled on a site its sometimes difficult for editors to work out which ones are used on a piece of content and to pick the right visitor groups to preview with.

So I decided to create a visitor group usage gadget that will help editors see what visitor groups are used on piece of content in EPiServer.

MenuPin for EPiServer 8 released

Mar 29, 2015  

MenuPin for EPiServer 8A new version of MenuPin is now available. This is is a compatibility release for EPiServer 8 upwards. If you have not heard of MenuPin before then it allows users to pin the menu at the top of the EPiServer UI (as shown in the image).

What's new in v2.0:

  • Compatible with EPiServer 8+
  • Its now available as a standard Nuget package on the EPiServer Nuget feed (its no longer an Add-on)