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Visitor Group Usage Viewer for Episerver 10

Nov 21, 2017  

A new version of the Visitor Group Usage Viewer is now available on the Episerver Nuget feed that is compatible with Episerver 10.

The visitor group usage viewer adds a new component that shows the visitor groups that are used on the current content item when in Episerver edit mode. It also separately shows any content that's referenced on the current content item (such as blocks or pages in a content area) as this could also affect the rendering of the current piece of content:

Preventing editors approving their own content using Episerver approval sequences

Oct 06, 2017  

Episerver approval sequences are a great way of controlling how editors get their content signed off by visually defining a set of approval steps that content must go through before it’s considered approved. In organisations that have compliance requirements a common requirement is that editors should not be able to publish their own content. This has already been covered here: Adding custom logic to your publishing step.

Creating a "submitted form" KPI for Episerver A/B testing

Sep 04, 2017  

“Episerver Often for non-commerce sites getting forms filled in and submitted is one of the most common goals of a site, usually for lead generation or to collect some other kind of user information that can be used by the organisation such as newsletter sign ups. In order to get people to fill in on-site forms editors should be able to experiment with their content to try and encourage users to fill in forms on their site(s). To help with this Episerver has built in A/B testing capabilities to allow users to experiment with different content versions measured against a KPI that’s the desired outcome. However there is no default KPI to check if a user submits a form.

Customising best bet behaviour in Episerver Find

Jul 16, 2017  

This post describes how it's possible to customise how best bets behave in Episerver Find. It uses an example of matching best bets for specific Episerver locales.

By default Episerver only allows editors to define best bets for site(s) and/or language(s) defined for your site. This works well in most cases, however in scenarios where a site is set up to serve different countries using localisation of the same language it may not work as expected.

MenuPin v10.1 - Supports Episerver Find

Mar 01, 2017  

A new version of MenuPin has been released that supports Episerver Find. It works in the same way as MenuPin for other Episerver modules:

MenuPin for Episerver Find

MenuPin v10 for Episerver 10 released

Feb 14, 2017  

A new version of MenuPin has been released and is available on the Episerver Nuget feed. It contains the following changes:

What's new in v10.0:

  • Made package into a stand alone Dojo add-on - see upgrade recommendation below
  • Fixes an issue where MenuPin breaks views without the global menu
  • Version jump to v10 to keep parity with major Episerver versions
  • Minor code refactoring

Integrating Episerver with PingFederate Server using WS-Federation

Dec 20, 2016  

I recently spent some time with a customer who wanted to use PingFederate Server with Episerver. After some initial Googling I could see PingFederate Server is a single sign on (SSO) server which is part of the Ping Identity suite of products. The image from the Ping Identity site implied Episerver could act as a Web App so it looked promising:

©2000-2017 Ping Identity Corporation

Most importantly for me it I noted it coud configured to support the WS-Federation protocol (WS-FED). This means it should be easy to set an Episerver site using the standard infrastructure we have to set up federated security in Episerver.

So this post is a knowledge share to ensure I have notes in case I need to do this it again in the future. 

Adding content approval tasks into the Episerver UI

Nov 24, 2016  

The current release of Episerver Content Approvals does not yet integrate with the tasks pane in Episerver:

This means it's not currently possible for content approvers to find the content they need to approve. However the task pane is extensible as recently described by Episerver legend Linus Ekström. So using this knowledge and some use of the Content approvals API we can build out some tasks for people who are using content approvals.


I want a task to show content approvers what outstanding content approvals they have. Users should get a list of content items that require their approval making it simple and easy for approvers to find the content that requires their attention:

Creating a custom conversion goal with Episerver A/B testing

Nov 22, 2016  

The latest release of Episerver A/B testing adds the ability to add custom goals for conversion. This post shows how it's possible to create a custom KPI that will trigger a conversion when a user matches a visitor group. 

How to implement a custom goal

Its possible to implement a custom goal by implenting the IKpi interface. The code below simply adds a Kpi once a user has matched a visitor group:

Building my first bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework and Episerver

Nov 18, 2016  

This post is a write up about my experiences of building a bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework. This isn't a best practice, it's just practical advice about what I learned on the way and hope it might help others who are looking to learn how to build bots. 

The output of this work was presented at Episerver Ascend Europe and was ultimately connected to a running instance of Episerver. At a simple level the architecture looked like this:

MenuPin v4.0 for Episerver 10 released

Oct 24, 2016  

A new version of MenuPin is now available. This is is a compatibility release for Episerver 10 upwards. If you have not heard of MenuPin before then it allows users to pin the menu at the top of the Episerver UI (as shown in the image). 

What's new in v4.0:

  • Compatible with Episerver 10+