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What version of Optimizely CMS am I running?

Apr 08, 2024

Optimizely continually rolls out new features for CMS customers and these features are normally for the latest major version of Optimizely CMS (CMS 12 at the time of writing). Some recent examples of these are the ability to use Optimizely Forms headlessly or improvements to the UI for restrictions on content. Once a customer knows about a feature they can ask their implementors to install the feature to get access to it.

However it occurred to me some end user / practitioners may not know the version of Optimizely CMS they are running so may not know if they can take advantage of new features with a more simple minor version upgrade (for example version 12.20 to version 12.21) instead of a more extensive effort for a major version upgrade (for example version 11 to version 12). So I put together some tips on how to work out what version of Optimizely CMS is running (without having to ask your implementation partner):

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